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Young People

St John Cymru Wales is committed to providing a quality youth service that offers fun and interactive programmes delivered at local venues across Wales. Our programmes are designed to provide young people with the tools needed to achieve and develop skills that will help them in everyday life, becoming active, informed members of the organisation and broader society. We aim to provide all of our young people with both life saving skills and skills for life.

Mission Statement

Through a varied and balanced programme of activities, St John Cymru Wales’s Youth Directorate provides children and young people with developmental opportunities to help them achieve their full potential. This is done with a firm emphasis on being led by the views and aspirations of our young volunteers, with a commitment to equality of opportunity for every young person who wishes to get involved.


St John Cymru Wales believe in a society where every young person has the opportunity to make a real difference in their community, to speak out on what matters to them and to help others in need of support and development.

Young people from 5 years to 25 years can get involved

If you are aged 5 – 10 you can become a Badger.

You can learn first aid in fun and interactive ways while making new friends in a safe environment. There are plenty of opportunities to achieve through our varied and flexible programme.

If you are aged 10 – 18 you can become a Cadet.

You will have the opportunity to learn first aid and take part in a wide range of activities and awards. You will be able to work with trained adults to provide first aid cover at public events. There are lots of opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills and even help support your peers by becoming a Cadet Trainer.

If you are 18 – 25 you are classed as a Young Adult.

You can not only access the full range of opportunities on offer to all of our adults but you can also access programmes designed to promote personal challenge and development. If you are studying at university you can join one of our LINKS units. These units offer a great environment in which to develop new and existing skills. You’ll be able to learn first aid, meet new people, take part in a range of social activities or stand for election as a committee member. These units are managed by the students and offer great flexible opportunities.


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